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Medical History

Start your medical history form, this information will be used for the evaluation of your health and to ensure you quality for weight loss surgery. This form is extensive, but please try to answer as accurately and completely as posible. Please take your time and complete it curefuly and tharoughly, and then, review it to be certain you have not left anything out.


Conozca su Índice de Masa Corporal, ingrese su estatura en cms y peso en Kg

Su IMC es de:
  • Peso normal: 20 a 25
    no requiere cirugía
  • Sobrepeso: 25.1 a 29.9
    posible necesite cirugía
  • Obesidad grado I: 30 a 35
    necesita cirugía
  • Obesidad grado II: 35 a 40
    necesita cirugía
  • Obesidad grado III: (obesidad mórbida): 40 a 50
    necesita cirugía
  • Superobesidad: 50 a 60
    necesita cirugía
  • Súper-superobesidad: 60+
    necesita cirugía