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Colon Diverticulitis

The diverticulas are a species of saculaciones and are a species of small pockets that appear in any part of the colon or large intestine, in particular in the sigmoid colon, which is located in the left lower part of the abdomen. There can be one or many, and they vary in size.

What is diverticulitis?

Diverticulitis is the acute inflammation of the diverticulitis on the colon, which can become blocked with hard or pasty fecal matter, which can provoke the inflammation of the diverticula, as well as infection or even puncturing, causing peritonitis.

Symptoms of diverticulitis

The diverticulas are mainly caused by an increase in the pressure inside the large intestine. Therefore, the symptoms of diverticulitis appear more frequently in individuals who suffer from constant constipation, but also in those with increased intestinal motility.

Diverticulitis can cause inflammation, which occurs in the form of abdominal pain, mainly in the lower abdomen. The symptoms of diverticulitis can include constipation or changes in bowel movement habits, fever, general malaise and, in some cases, bleeding that can be light or severe.

The condition is known as diverticulosis when they are present, but do not cause any symptoms, and diverticulitis when they become inflamed or bleed.


Diagnosing diverticulitis should be done promptly when symptoms appear.

In addition to seeing a specialist and practicing preventative health care, other effective methods for preventing and treating this disease are: drinking a lot of water, maintaining a diet high in fiber, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as reducing the intake of high fat foods.

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Colon diverticula are a type of sacculation that appears in the large intestine, usually a sign of bad eating habits and an average age over 50 years. They are related to inflammation and bleeding.

There are different diagnostic methods. The main ones are by enema, abdominal CAT scan and colonoscopy.

The diverticulas of the colon, when not inflamed, can be left alone and just observed, maintaining a healthy diet, keeping weight under control and avoiding constipation.

When diverticulas become inflamed, it is called Diverticulitis and the treatment can range from just taking medicine to control the infection to, in severe cases, a surgery to control Peritonitis.

Medical attention and prompt diagnosis are important in order to avoid complications.

When someone has Diverticulitis of the Colon, pain, generally on the left lower part of the abdomen, is the first symptom, as well as fever, abdominal bloating and constipation.