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Local Patients

  • 1.- Make an appointment with Dr. Sergio del Hoyo

  • 2.- In the medical consultation my health status will be evaluated and we will determine which bariatric surgery is best for you.

  • 3.- Laboratory studies, cardiological evaluation.

  • 4.- Preparation prior to surgery with adequate nutrition.

  • 5.- Surgery.

Foreigners Patients

  • 1.- Contact by email, call or whats App with Dr. Sergio del Hoyo

  • 2.- A Medical Form will be sent to have information on your health conditions.

  • 3.- We will determine based on your medical history and interview with Dr. Sergio del Hoyo which Bariatric Surgery is best for you.

  • 4.- Preparation diet is sent.

  • 5.- Travel to Puerto Vallarta to perform bariatric surgery on the date that is reserved.