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Bariatric Revision Surgery in Mexico is performed in patients that already had a weight loss surgery such as Gastric Sleeve surgery and Gastric Bypass surgery.

This procedure known as Bariatric Revision surgery is most necessary for patients who experience a significant weight regain after hitting their low weight.

The main reason patients consider having a bariatric revision is related to weight loss, either not enough weight was lost after surgery or too much weight was gained back. So, before having a bariatric revision it is important that the patient follows the surgeon’s instructions.


Revision surgery in Mexico is being performed more frequently each year. This type of bariatric surgery is recommended in situations when the patient has already undergone previous weight loss surgeries like gastric band, gastric sleeve, or even gastric bypass.

Bariatric revision surgery is recommended when the patient has gained weight after their first surgery or when they have not lost weight despite the surgery. It’s important to investigate underlying health issues prior to the recommending a revision surgery including the patient’s current dietary patterns, lifestyle and habit changes as well as the type of weight loss procedure and surgical technique previously used.

There are several reasons that could cause a patient to gain weight after bariatric surgery. It could be that the original procedure was not the right fit for the patient or the most appropriate surgery based on the patient’s health history. Weight gain could also result from the patient not adhering to the new dietary and lifestyle changes. Another scenario for weight gain after bariatric surgery could be due to missing important follow-up visits with the surgeon or with the nutritionist after the first surgery.

Generally speaking, the most frequent bariatric revision surgery is of the gastric band. Especially if it was placed several years prior and the patient is now experiencing significant weight gain or erosion/migration of the gastric band.

Another common revision surgery is for the gastric sleeve, if the patient regains weight after surgery or has serious acid reflux symptoms.

The process begins with a thorough evaluation of the patient as well as their first surgery in order to avoid a potentially unnecessary second surgery if possible. In addition to a thorough inquiry, we also work to bring attention to the importance of adhering to a new strict nutrition plan and lifestyle/habit changes.

The most common weight loss revision surgeries are:

Gastric Band:
Gastric Sleeve
Gastric Bypass (recommended)

Gastric Sleeve:
Gastric Bypass
Duodenal switch (recommended)

Gastric Bypass:
Review of Gastric Pouch
Review of intestines to create a better non-absorbent effect

Patient preparation is extremely important and the choice of the new fundamental surgical technique in order to achieve the desired success. This creates a safe surgery with excellent results.

Weight loss revision surgeries are performed laparoscopically. The average surgical time is 2 to 3 hours, depending on the previous surgery as well as the surgery to be performed, and in general, patients have a hospital stay for 1 to 2 nights.

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